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Pandemic Teaching Reflections, Not All Rainbows

by Andrew Joseph Pegoda
“Factors of pedagogy fully considered, I have certainly had some exceptional online students and many other students producing quality, thoughtful work, but for me, virtual teaching has not been as fulfilling. There is little contact with others. Students struggle. They really struggle online. “

Review: Reflections on Postcolonialism

By Bryant Scott
“Above all, postcolonialism remains a heterogenous and eclectic body of thought that has proven widely adaptable in providing new angles on all sorts of phenomena, from the origins of modernity to neoliberalism and globalization.”

In Vitro: Narrative Essay

By Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman
“This film is a surrealist dream, the way it plays with time and memory. Trauma stays in the body, always there tucked between your stomach and your ribs.”


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