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Defiance in the Face of Imperialism: A Review of Bacurau

by Brant Roberts
“An explicit allegory to antifascist resistance and anticapitalist values, Bacurau illustrates what it means for poor Brazilians to fight against a national comprador ruling class whose politics and interests are aligned with American hegemony.”

Last Days of Fiesta

by Gerardo Velasquez
“I wonder what they’ll do with the property, now that Fiesta is gone. I wonder what will happen to our community.”


by Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman
“His wrists are cuffed against the bars of this prison beyond prisons
As if a man with brown skin cannot travel
without implications of terror”


by Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman
“You watched men dig holes deep into the earth
Until their straw hats disappeared into the black
Dumping bodies of sugar mill workers into these mass graves”


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