Away with the Sun

by Aris Kian
“to be unraveled under a moon”

If I were ever to birth a moon         cratered and glossed

carefully over like stone       rippling the mirrored surface of sea

his light thrown along          the asphalt under a quiet night

you know the one    where quiet never comes 

quickly enough but carries his wailing right below the wind

where night  is just an antonym for boy

how one returns      the other may not and telling           isn’t it

how the root of night is absence      or ignorance

from the German nahts       not unlike that which aches

to be unraveled        under a moon          tangled in the indigo           

of otherworldliness  say a womb    say a sky or            even a sea

awash in oceanic divers       with last wish to touch

the mid-Atlantic       with their bare hands

ripping from their bones their wet   black suits and jump ungloved

unmasked    every inhale a protest                               rejoicing

in the burning current then in all honesty         I’d too bury him

as soon as I could bear        beneath a blanket

of stardust where blue and only     blue can touch him the light

taking millions         upon millions of miles

to reach the ground where he dies long                      after I do

Aris Kian is an inaugural member of CoogSlam, 2019’s 4th in the nation collegiate poetry slam team. She is ranked #10 in the 2020 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her work is published in Underground Journal, Panoplyzine, Defunkt Magazine and Write About Now. She is an Emerging Writers Fellow and facilitates poetry workshops for Writers in the Schools. She received her BA in English and is currently an MFA candidate for Creative Writing at the University of Houston.

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