Creative Work Poetry

Wine and Roses

by Carlos Campos Jr

Wine and Roses
filling our underground alley:

Puddles through the apartment
cement ridden shame,
Stopped us not from our fantasy:

We have it all
A bouquet from Paris (St),
A wine custom selected
From the finest shelf (of Fiesta.)

we have it all: I have
you, and I am yours.

About the Writer: Carlos Campos Jr (they/them) is a Chicanx poet. They were born and live in Texas but their home is in Monterrey, and they are involved in organizing for a less terrible world. They are a founding member of the Houston DSA Arts Collective and are always happy to talk people’s ears off about the importance of Cultural Organizing. Interested in Latin America’s (and especially Chile’s) importance of poetry, they are dedicated in doing their part of building a mass appeal to poetry and the arts. Their work can now be found in the Houston Review of Books, where they debuted. One can find Carlos on Twitter as @CompaPoeta, and on Instagram as @UnoriginalSmack. They’re always open to messages, particularly for conversations on poetry and the radical power it has, but they’re not opposed to discussing anything else. Carlos is very interested in collaboration work, ranging from poets to artists to musicians and so on, particularly to break unnecessary divides which contemporary institutional art education brought.

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