About Us

The Houston Review of Books is a political-cultural project centering Houston and the South that interrogates popular discourse around politics, culture and art. Unlike the vast majority of cultural magazines, we strive to create dialogue between our local writers and readers – not to issue ideas and pass judgement from on-high. All of the editors have been involved in serious political work in the past and we aspire to make sure that the review is openly political. We focus on organizing the unorganized into the many existing political formations around the city, creating new ones when appropriate, and generally believe that people need to create associations with one another.

As a Houston-based review, we encourage local writers, historians, organizers, artists, poets and prose writers to send submissions for potential publication.

Editorial Board: 

Brant is a co-founder and co-editor of the Houston Review of Books, his writings can also be found in obscure outlets like Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, The Cougar, and Threshold Magazine. Having built the website and contacted many of the publishers we work closely with, he knows a bit more about the many small things that keep the review moving along. You can find random musings about his cat, gardening, cooking, and, of course, books on Twitter: @WarOfManeuver