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Last Days of Fiesta

by Gerardo Velasquez
“I wonder what they’ll do with the property, now that Fiesta is gone. I wonder what will happen to our community.”

Houston’s Wave of Resistance

by Anonymous
“As we marched, protestors chanted the names of the six people murdered by the HPD since late April. These chants were a reminder that behind the publicity stunt engineered by Acevedo lie a viciously brutal police force. “

Obstruction of Peace

by anonymous
“During the waiting period, we are completely in the dark about what they are going to do. We tell them they are entrapping us without pressing a charge and they do not even look in our eyes or say anything. Some officers are smirking, talking amongst themselves as we freak out over this bullshit.”

An Encounter with Police Brutality

by Usama Abbas
“It brought me to tears which I held back because my younger brother was there looking up to me. The cause of my tears was that the injustice and brutality that a Black man, woman, and child face became so vivid.”

June 2020

by Patrick Higgins
“For his part, Acevedo reveals himself as several things at once: a skilled operator, a talented performer, and a major city police chief with a department to protect. For educational purposes, two sets of records should be kept: one of HPD’s crimes against the working class and poor, and another of Acevedo’s filibustering tactics designed to hide those crimes.”

Flood and Fire

by E.M. Conrad
“I left West Virginia because I couldn’t imagine moving on from my grief when it had become a part of the surrounding landscape. I would have found it impossible to do so if every street corner, every hill and patch of road and piece of sidewalk bore witness to death and injustice and dehumanization.”

Rebels in Eden

By Adam Lupiani
“It is the political violence of police murdering innocent and unarmed black people. A political violence that hangs all of that over a people’s heads as a threat for what happens when the status quo is not followed.”


By 3 Black Women Rice Students
“until that original system of oppression upon which the police force is built is completely dismantled, it’s fuck 12”