Creative Work Essays

Death and the Maiden: Reflections on Art and Loss

by Tony McKenna
“I was able to see it again but through different eyes. The painting was transformed. Now the two people the artist depicts seemed more exposed to me, more human.”


Flood and Fire

by E.M. Conrad
“I left West Virginia because I couldn’t imagine moving on from my grief when it had become a part of the surrounding landscape. I would have found it impossible to do so if every street corner, every hill and patch of road and piece of sidewalk bore witness to death and injustice and dehumanization.”

Essays Political Theory

Rebels in Eden

By Adam Lupiani
“It is the political violence of police murdering innocent and unarmed black people. A political violence that hangs all of that over a people’s heads as a threat for what happens when the status quo is not followed.”

Essays Political Theory

Between Comrades and Competition: COVID-19 and the Vices of the Human Condition

by L.W.
“Beyond those who risk infection at their jobs, the community oriented, self-sacrificing behavior of many is evidenced, in part, by an explosion of efforts toward charity, mutual aid, and collective action.”

Essays Houston

Direct Action Gets the Goods: The Black Student Union and the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Houston, 1985-1987

by Brant Roberts
“It took direct actions, protests, rallies and months of planning to make the dream of divestment a living reality.”