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Alain Badiou’s Hypothesis and the Arab Left as Contemporaries of May 68

by Dabya
“What united them was not the vocabulary of classes or proletarian leadership, but the vocabulary of revolution and change in the broadest sense. For those who incorporated their bodies, thoughts, affects, and potentialities into a certain political truth procedure, and who became ‘militant[s] of this truth,’ the change had to look a certain way..”

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Between Comrades and Competition: COVID-19 and the Vices of the Human Condition

by L.W.
“Beyond those who risk infection at their jobs, the community oriented, self-sacrificing behavior of many is evidenced, in part, by an explosion of efforts toward charity, mutual aid, and collective action.”

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Direct Action Gets the Goods: The Black Student Union and the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Houston, 1985-1987

by Brant Roberts
“It took direct actions, protests, rallies and months of planning to make the dream of divestment a living reality.”