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First-Hand Accounts from Protesters in Houston

“After zip tying, three cops post up in front in a line w/ their batons in front. Shit looked like a fascist claw machine game but the toys are actual fucking human beings.”

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By 3 Black Women Rice Students
“until that original system of oppression upon which the police force is built is completely dismantled, it’s fuck 12”

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Review of Kristen Ghodsee’s “Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism”

by Brant Roberts
“In short, the author walks a fine line between conservative criticism of socialism and uncritically embracing the system, all while asking the readers to take into account what could work for everyone in a democratic-socialist future.”

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Alain Badiou’s Hypothesis and the Arab Left as Contemporaries of May 68

by Dabya
“What united them was not the vocabulary of classes or proletarian leadership, but the vocabulary of revolution and change in the broadest sense. For those who incorporated their bodies, thoughts, affects, and potentialities into a certain political truth procedure, and who became ‘militant[s] of this truth,’ the change had to look a certain way..”