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Contemporary Capitalism and Temporal Control in Sarah Sharma’s In the Meantime: Temporality and Cultural Politics

by Duy Lap Nguyen
“The same extension occurs in Sharma’s chronography of flexible capitalism. In her critique of Marx’s quantitative conception of temporal control, the ontology of value determined by labor is never called into question.”

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Direct Action Gets the Goods: The Black Student Union and the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Houston, 1985-1987

by Brant Roberts
“It took direct actions, protests, rallies and months of planning to make the dream of divestment a living reality.”

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Featured Artist: Lina Habazi

“My art is an expression of my ever-evolving relationship with identity as a Muslim Palestinian-American woman. I am interested in reviving materials from the past, specifically from my heritage to imagine their place in my life today.”